Reasons To Choose Sisyphus Coffee Tables For Your Living Room

Modern, elegant yet artistic, the coffee tables from Sisyphus are an excellent choice for all sorts of tastes. Be it a magnetic sand coffee table or Sisyphus end table; you are going to love their products because it’s good enough to match any decor style and affordable enough that you can buy a new laptop you’ve desired for months. 

The futuristic kinetic table designs of Sisyphus have already created a buzz among designers. Bruce Shapiro, the brain behind this artistic masterpiece, has taken inspiration from Greek mythology. 

After successfully featuring in several art installations worldwide, the artistic kinetic tables are now available to the public via pre-order. You can also follow Sisyphus’s Facebook and Instagram handles for new updates.

Sisyphus end table

Kinetic Coffee Tables by Sisyphus Industries

The coffee tables from Sisyphus come in three finishing, i.e., walnut, cherry, and black metal, and the base is solid steel with powder-coated black finish, black or wood-veneer sides. So you don't have to worry about splitting or cracks in the design. 

The coffee table design involves a layer of sand with a magnetic steel ball that continuously follows the programmed patterns through the malleable material. 

Moreover, the contrasting LED lightings in the table make the patterns and designs more beautiful and attractive. These LED lightings highlight the stunning kinetic patterns and make them more appealing and impressive. The positive vibes coming from the beautiful meditative designs make it perfect for your home's large and small sitting areas. 

Most of the table designs are meditative mandala patterns, but users can also program the marble to form continuous line drawings or custom patterns. Sisyphus offers two styles in the coffee table, i.e., a Sisyphus coffee table or a Sisyphus end table in the metallic and wooden finishing. The design, color, and size of the tables may differ from the images due to variations in wood grain, color, and construction. 

The coffee table from Sisyphus comes in different sizes, from a two-foot diameter table to a four-foot coffee table. They provide all the options in size and colors and wood. They provide wooden finishing in cherry, maple, walnut, black, etc. As Sisyphus offers a customized solution for the coffee tables, you can request your Sisyphus table according to your requirements.

It’s Not Just A Coffee Table!

Dr. Bruce Shapiro, the artist behind the mind-blowing artistic, musical coffee table, dedicated the past 25 years to art and innovation after quitting his job. He became more passionate about art when he developed a robot using an old computer. 

Sisyphus gave him worldwide recognition for his innovative idea, and his design got a chance to feature in several art installations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia.  Sisyphus took inspiration from ancient Greek tales, but Shapiro's creation perfectly combines the beauty of art and tech. 

The design rotates a ball in a bed of sand, which forms beautiful patterns while playing calmful music. Users can manage the list of tracks using their app and play the music of their own choice by connecting it to the Wi-Fi. 

The design is also equipped with a two-motor robot known as Sisbot that controls a magnet. The Sisyphus end table comes with no on or off switch. You have to plug the switch, and it will automatically start loading the playlist and start playing the songs. Moreover, you can customize the playlists as per your own taste using their mobile app.


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